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Finally Home!

30 Dec

Finally! We are home after a long trip.  Almost two weeks ago, we left for our journey up north.  The trip was amazing and we had a really great time at a friend’s wedding, experienced Modern Pizza for the first time, enjoyed the parade of babies as we visited so many new beautiful souls, introduced to a new cheese (I will tell you all about this another time), opening presents on Christmas morning after a brunch with a breakfast strata, and celebrated my in-laws (one of the sets, I have two) 12th anniversary at a great local Italian restaurant.  Phew!  That was a mouthful.  We had a great trip up north that was planned somewhat but kept changing everyday.  Towards the last leg of our trip we noticed this sideways “H” in the sky.  I thought Hallelujah – we are almost home.  And both words happen to start with the letter H.  How about that?

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