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The Northeast Deli

24 Dec

My husband and I are in CT visiting our family (my in-laws). I miss the northeast. I miss the snow and the crisp cold air. Not that it doesn’t get cold in the south. But the north has a different kind of cold. Now, I don’t miss how long the snow and the cold weather would stick around. I miss the people. Especially the ones who are direct, opinionated and feel the need to tell you how you should live your life, they remind me of my family. The most I miss is the northeast deli. Something so trivial and everyday to a northeasterner, yet it is something so crucial, you don’t realize it until it is not readily available to you. For example, the chicken cutlet is one of the most popular proteins in a deli sandwich. Most of the time the sandwich will include the chicken, tomato, lettuce and mayo with a white cheese or cheddar cheese, depending on which part of town the deli is located. You might be thinking, what is so special about that? Ah, my friend, you will have to experience this delight. But I can tell you it will change your life. Just be prepared. From the crusty warm homemade bread, to the perfectly pan fried breaded cutlet, the crispy tomato and lettuce, oozing melted white cheese, and just the right amount of mayo, you are in for a magical taste bud experience.

I think I mentioned before, breakfast is one my favorite meals, that I don’t get to eat often. The breakfast sandwich from the deli is what I miss most.

Ladies and Gents – I give you the classic bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

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Here frenchie, frenchie, frenchie – A twist on French Toast

16 Dec

Breakfast. oddly one of my favorite meal times of the day, yet I do not partake in breakfast often.  Every time I am on vacation the first thing I do is lineup my breakfast for the next morning.  Well, lets back it up a little.  The first thing I do is unpack.  There is something comforting about knowing you have arrived.  Some people think it is odd, and others who share my oddity, agree 100 percent.  If I don’t unpack as soon as I arrive then I get this nagging feeling there is something to do and I am not able to relax.  It also comes from the sense of needing to know where everything is.  I may not be the most organized person in the world, but my things need to have a place they belong.  Knowing that my drinking glasses in the cabinet are on the right is comforting.   Every time I need to grab a glass I know exactly where to go.  So, when I am on vacation and wake up in a strange place the next morning, I like to know that I can reach into a particular drawer for my undergarments. Rather than fumble through my suitcase on the floor trying to figure out which wrinkled item of clothing I will wear that day.

The other day I improvised.  I had a craving for french toast but did not have a brioche, Challah or another bread worthy for dipping.

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