Mis en place: putting everything together.  Being ready to cook.

I never realized the importance of mis en place until I applied it.  As a cook at home you read a recipe, get everything together, sometimes ahead of time, sometimes during the cooking process, you mix it all up and voila – you have a meal.  I used to be a really messy cook.  Crumbs on the counter; dishes everywhere.  Slicing my onion while my pan is getting hot and then watching my onions singe in the pan.  Had I organized myself ahead of time, my onions would have been translucent, or caramelized instead of going from raw to burnt in 60 seconds.  I have cleaned up my act, but find that I can get a little messy every now and then.  The most important thing to remember is to have fun.  Cooking is an adventure and an experience.  I learn something new every time and sometimes from a recipe I have made a hundred times.

Cooking has always been a passion of mine.  Over the years I have certainly evolved in the kitchen and I continue to change and hope it is something I never grow tired of.  As early as 6 years old, I can recall cooking in the kitchen with my grandmother.  Cooking and eating is about being together and sharing your kitchen.  I get giddy inside when I feed people and they enjoy it.  And even if I made a flop I hope they enjoyed the company.

My friends and family are always curious about what I am making for dinner.  I thought I would start documenting what I make, with easy instructions and provide tips and tricks.  I hope you find a recipe you might enjoy or even just be entertained.  If you have any questions drop me a line to natashacary [at] gmail [dot] com.

(Me and my sister – somewhere – I am the one eating cotton candy.)


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