Finally Home!

30 Dec

Finally! We are home after a long trip.  Almost two weeks ago, we left for our journey up north.  The trip was amazing and we had a really great time at a friend’s wedding, experienced Modern Pizza for the first time, enjoyed the parade of babies as we visited so many new beautiful souls, introduced to a new cheese (I will tell you all about this another time), opening presents on Christmas morning after a brunch with a breakfast strata, and celebrated my in-laws (one of the sets, I have two) 12th anniversary at a great local Italian restaurant.  Phew!  That was a mouthful.  We had a great trip up north that was planned somewhat but kept changing everyday.  Towards the last leg of our trip we noticed this sideways “H” in the sky.  I thought Hallelujah – we are almost home.  And both words happen to start with the letter H.  How about that?

So this is the trip that I referenced would be a great idea or it would the first and last time we drive for 16 hours.  I am not a big fan of driving for a long period of time.  It drives me insane to stay put in a car.  I have little patience for other drivers and that can make me very cranky, however the drive turned out to be not so bad.  My husband drove most of the time, but I still find it exhausting to ride in the car for such a long time.  We broke up our trip by staying the night with my sister-in-law, sweet Emily and her husband Stephen, on the way up and down.

I don’t have any food for you this week, but I do have these two things.  First: This amazing sky that reminds me of caramel.  I had planned on posting about the original hamburger sandwich from Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, CT, but when we arrived at Louis’ on Monday it was closed.  Then I was going to tell you all about the Darien Cheese Shop in Darien, CT, which our friends, Dana and Zach White, told us we must stop at on our way home.  But they were also closed for the holiday weekend.  When did Monday, three days after Christmas Day, become a holiday?  I didn’t get the memo.

So instead, I give you this beautiful sky that almost melts away all the hours we drove to make our way home.   Wherever you spent your holiday, (whichever holiday you celebrate) I hope you enjoyed your time, laughed with family and friends, and indulged in some holiday cheer.

Second: Behold The Big Peach, also known as the Peachoid or simply The Peach,  in Gaffney, SC.

This Peach is a water tower which holds 1 million gallons of water.  Really, it reminds me of a butt.

So I leave you with this butt of a peach, which may not make you hungry, but just may amuse you.


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