Here frenchie, frenchie, frenchie – A twist on French Toast

16 Dec

Breakfast. oddly one of my favorite meal times of the day, yet I do not partake in breakfast often.  Every time I am on vacation the first thing I do is lineup my breakfast for the next morning.  Well, lets back it up a little.  The first thing I do is unpack.  There is something comforting about knowing you have arrived.  Some people think it is odd, and others who share my oddity, agree 100 percent.  If I don’t unpack as soon as I arrive then I get this nagging feeling there is something to do and I am not able to relax.  It also comes from the sense of needing to know where everything is.  I may not be the most organized person in the world, but my things need to have a place they belong.  Knowing that my drinking glasses in the cabinet are on the right is comforting.   Every time I need to grab a glass I know exactly where to go.  So, when I am on vacation and wake up in a strange place the next morning, I like to know that I can reach into a particular drawer for my undergarments. Rather than fumble through my suitcase on the floor trying to figure out which wrinkled item of clothing I will wear that day.

The other day I improvised.  I had a craving for french toast but did not have a brioche, Challah or another bread worthy for dipping.

But I did have some Bays English Muffins. So I thought, why not – let’s give it a try.

mmmmm . . . I love these muffins. Look at all the little holes that are just waiting, anticipating the butter.  In this case we are going to drench them into our batter.

They have no idea of their future, but will definitely live to tell about it.

The main star of the dish. Eggs.

Whip your eggs in a bowl and add a little milk, vanilla, salt and white pepper.  Drench your muffin into your batter.

And flip the other side and drench it.

Look at the sizzle – mmmmmm. You know there are a couple of things that just smell reeeeeeaaaaaalllly good.  And one of those things happen to be the smell of eggs frying in a saute pan.  I cook with my nose most of the time.  and just like the smell of onions sauting, the smell of eggs frying is a good one.  Now – the smell of your kitchen after the eggs are done frying – not so good.  But you take the good with the bad.

Before you flip, press down on the muffin to make sure all the egginess that filled up the holes is cooked.

can you smell it now?

Once you have all of your pieces ready, pop them into the oven to warm them back up if they cooled down.

if you like a little butter, go ahead and slather it on before you lay on the syrup.

I also dusted cinnamon and powdered sugar over my two pieces.

This is a sexy breakfast.  Enjoy!


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