4 Dec

French Fries are my weakness.

I just love potatoes.

I will eat potatoes roasted, mashed, gratin, pommes alligot and my favorite – fried.

With lots of salt and pepper.

French fries are a food item that take me back to my childhood.  Actually many food times take me back to my childhood.  Anytime my mother made us fries when we were kids she soaked them in water and salt after slicing them.

Soaking them in warm water and salt will remove some of the starch in the potato and the salt will actually draw out some of the water in the potato.  I don’t think this is something you have to do to make fries, but for me, it is just one of those things I do because my mother did it, her sister’s did it, my grandmother did it, and I am pretty sure my sister does it.  So her daughter one day might do it as well.

There was always the TEST fry.  It was the fry that took one for the team by slowly frying away in the almost ready oil.  Everytime my mother made fries, she placed one potato in the pan, waited for it to cook and then she knew the pan was ready.

The first batch can be dropped.  Now the fries are sitting in water so you have to make sure you drip dry when you grab them in your hand before you splash them onto the oil.

I am sure you have made fries before and you are thinking – why would you want to splash oil all over your stove and possibly hurt yourself?

I like tradition.  And even though I know better and there are many different ways I can go about this, I like to know I am keeping a part of my grandmother and mother with me when I am making fries.

During the summer in Jordan, we would visit the club often.  The club had a large pool and since it was quite hot in the summer, it was a great cool spot to hang out.

One of my favorite taste memories is the fries we would order poolside.  Maybe it is the summer desert air, mixed with suntan lotion and the spirit of childhood.

Whatever the concoction, I fondly remember the smell and taste of the fries hanging out by the pool and then having to wait 30 minutes before jumping back into the cool water.

Sometimes it’s okay to do things in a way that brings you back – keep the tradition alive and enjoy a plate of fries.


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